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Mmm! Thish Lettush ish SHOO Juishy! *lick, smack!*

Ahahahaa! Two good things about being a bunny is that 1) You don't need a napkin or a bib--you have your nice, fluffy, absorbant fur to have all of your veggie juices soak into; and 2) You're still cute with green lettuce juice all over your mouth! ;)

craftybeaver's bunny, Elliot, shows us how "dainty" bunnies eat salad when we're supposedly not looking (and then taken by surprise). ;) What a fantastic photo!

Source: Flickr--craftybeaver
Tags: bunny
Submitted by: Adri @ 07/05/2006 8:58 AM CST

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Mmm! Thish Lettush ish SHOO Juishy! *lick, smack!*