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La Bun Fashionista

Remember El Bun Suave? Now we have La Bun Fashionista-- perfectly groomed, fancy multi-toned fur, the perfect pink fuzzy bunny nose, and just the right amount of highlight on the forehead to accentuate the dainty bunny features. Oh, and don't forget the pulled-back bunny ears for a more demure look and the socialite trendy white half-gloves for the paws. ;) *extends litte bunny paw* "You may."

An runway perfect photo of perhaps one of the CUTEST and most fashion-forward bunnies in the world by langkawi!

Source: Flickr--langkawi
Tags: bunny
Submitted by: Adri @ 07/12/2006 7:34 AM CST

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La Bun Fashionista