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Warm Milk (x) x (y)= Zzzzzzz

Where x is the quantity of warm milk that should be lapped up per kg and y is your weight in kilograms. It's a fool-proof formula that helps you figure out the maximum amount of warm milk you can drink before passing out into a deep milk-mustached slumber. Looks like this adorable little guy didn't do the math quite right! ;p

Awww, give the pup a break! It is Sunday, afterall. ;) A fantastically cute to the 10th power photo by fatman5jp2!

Source: Flickr--fatman5jp2
Tags: puppy sleeping
Submitted by: Adri @ 07/16/2006 8:40 AM CST

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Warm Milk (x) x (y)= Zzzzzzz